A downloadable game for Windows

Saman is a game for Ludum Dare 30, created in 48 hours.

In Saman, a creature lurks underground - a creature who has been taught that the sacred gems can save him from those that would do him harm.

Alternatively, another world exists. One where a carefree creature of the light follows a road outside of his home, finding valuable gems which are known to appear from the ground.


You control an underground creature, while simultaneously you are responsible for capturing and farming the gems that he supplies to those above ground. The rook is too brittle to do harm to anyone, but can blend into the earth with a grand expertise, and looks for the gem-hungry gods to do his bidding for him, assuming he doesn't get in the way.


Because of the time limitation, there is no tutorial included in-game and it's unique mechanics make it a bit unwieldy to learn without help.

Burrow (space) to prevent death from bludgers (the purple creatures) or boulders, which fall from the ground above.

Extract gems (hold CTRL or Z) and hurl them into the air (CTRL or Z) in order to stick them in the earth above. Earthquakes will be caused when the blue man walks to acquire gems. When you are burrowed (above) you are not harmed by boulders from an earthquake, or from bludgers. In addition, bludgers travel on one of two paths - you cannot be harmed by bludgers who do not share a path with you.

Beware of the beasts that fly above your head as they can pierce your hard exterior even when you are burrowed.

As the blue man acquires more gems, you will have more building options, to grow his fortune.

Avoid obstacles and acquire gems as quickly as possible to grow the blue man's fortune.

Any mistake will destroy you and end your run. Good luck!


Saman- 3 MB